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We Dream till we're Dizzy . . .

Why "Dizzy Dreams"

Are you ready to make your home look like your dreams?  Most persons planning a 're-do' throw out everything they love . . .and spend lots of money replacing their treasures.  Paula Zacher, the founder of Dizzy Dreams, believes in saving your treasures.  She feels that you can spend your money wisely, and have a fashionable and livable home!  As a Designer-Decorator, she makes the most of your existing resources.

What can Dizzy Dreams do for you?  Whether decorating from scratch or just dressing up a room, Paula does what you would if you only had the time.  She makes sure that your home looks like you live there, not a stranger.  After hours of interviewing you and shopping with you, Paula's designs reflect your dreams.

Whatever it takes -- move walls, add windows, paint, wallpaper.  Paula will do everything from interviewing contractors to setting your table for the completion celebration.  Paula is continually researching to assure you access to all the latest techniques and materials . . . And at the best prices.

Paula did her undergraduate studies at Berkeley and her graduate work at the University of Madrid.  She interned with Viz a Viz of Los Gatos.  Her design work has been featured in several national publications.  Her international focus is seen in many of her rooms -- but, unlike many decorators, her rooms are YOUR rooms and part of a complete coordinated design for your home. 

As Paula says, "Your home will look like you -- not the decorator or a clipping from a magazine."

Use Dizzy Dreams just for ideas -- or for the entire project.  Call Paula today for an initial interview.  Make your 'dizzy dreams' a reality.


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